BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Madhuri's Arab Style in Aaja Nachle

The ever iconic Madhuri Dixit's last Bollywood venture, Aaja Nachle shows an array of flowing costumes, following an Arabic dress style which has rich, plain colours and still remains quite modest. I quite like these outfits as these are styles which can easily be adapted into our own dress styles, especially as maxi dresses are in vogue.
The main outfits which stood out for me was this black and green one modelled by Madhuri below:

I also quite liked this yellow and orange one modelled by her (and also the light blue flowy robe that Konkena Sen's character wears):

Although it does feel a bit generic and lacks detail, I still think that this is an interesting branch of fashion being explored here. I also liked Konkona's bridal dress here, which focuses more on simplicity of design and the traditional style jewellery:

And lastly, this outfit worn by Madhuri in her O Re Piya piece also shows a traditional influence, although this is perhaps more Indian than Arab.

All Images owned by Yash Raj Films

I am aware that this is a style that hasn't really seem to have caught on in the asian fashion world, yet I'm sure I am not alone in liking the flowing, modest look and the fact that this film has tried to branch out from the typical heavy lengha look. I also like the use of maxi style dresses and abayaahs, which I'm sure may be relevant to many readers, which they can take design inspiration from.

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