I love, love LOVE the beautiful Tanishq jewellery company's collections, which has truly breathtaking pieces and are extremely well-crafted. Tanishq has a series of collections, which works with diamonds, gems and precious metals, which really do feel like bespoke pieces made for the specific wearer. I can't post all the designs that I liked as there are simply too many! Below are just a few of the pieces which I have fallen in love with:

There are a huge range of styles across this company, from traditional Mughal, classic diamond collections, 'blushing roses' and many more. Tanisq have previously designed for Bollywood films, their main work being featured in 'Paheli' and 'Jodha Akbaar'. For Paheli they went for the Rajasthani look, incorporating stones and metal work, while Jodha Akbaar the Mughal style was emulated and glamorized.

The latest collection which has been unveiled by Tanishq is their 'Nikah' collection, featuring long necklaces, bangles and earring pieces with dull gold metal and white pearls inlay.

All Images owned by Tanishq and respective photographers

I love the old-style glamour of most their pieces, and the fact that there is something about each ornament which makes it a key piece of jewellery. Rather than just being an accessory, a lot of these jewellery pieces are the showstoppers which make the outfit. Their prices are quite high however, and they are only based in various branches of India, which makes it harder for overseas clients to view and buy. You can buy pieces online of course, but like many other jewellery websites, the collections are limited and its easy to be dazzled by online pictures. I do like the other features available on the website though, such as the Wedding Planner and the in-depth expert opinion available about 'Jewellogy' for a more informed decision when buying. All in all though, I think Tanishq and their lovely collection will remain eye candy for me.

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