HIGH STREET DESIGNS: RDC in Ilford, East London

I've written a lot about well known fashion designers, both Pakistani and Indian, but what I'd like to look at also is the shops on the high street which are much more accessible for most of us looking to buy asian suits. One shop I often shop at is RDC (formerly Rani's Designer Collection), who have made a name for themselves with their fusion of east-meet-west bridal gowns and formal wear collections. The promotion advert for this store below does not really do justice to some their more beautiful outfits, as I feel as if they are trying too hard to present a Westernised-style, when they should perhaps also show their more traditional range, which they also stock. RDC is a popular choice for many friends looking for outfits, and indeed I have a bought good few outfits from there myself. I especially like their casual-wear collection, it's less heavy and dressy, and more affordable. Their website is in need of serious updating, so it's not a good reflection of their outfits though! I'll be posting the outfits I've bought from this shop soon, until then you may wish to browse through some of the collections RDC has exhibited in the last couple of years :)

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