MAKE-UP REVIEW: The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

The Body Shop has some wonderful make-up, a few of which make up the staples of my make-up bag, and one of my favourite things are their Shimmer Cube Eyehadows. I love the rich colours that these cubes come in, and there's new colours every season (so it always feels like there's a newer, and more beautiful one than the last!). I'm loving the current colours being stocked, the rich violets, blues, teals and bronzes are right up my street. I'm also glad that the Body Shop has chosed to help out their consumers with guides on how to apply the make-up for a bold look, as the pictures look amazing and it's something I would definitely try. Although the shimmer cubes aren't cheap at £16 a pop, they last quite some time and it's easy to mix and match. Have a look out for these colours the next time you go to The Body Shop : )

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