MAKE-UP REVIEW: Deep Red Lipstick Shades

How scrumptious does this red lipstick look? Unfortunately red is one of those shades which can easily go wrong, particularly on brown skin tones, although when it is done well, it does look pretty gorgeous. I've always loved the dramatic red lipstick look (Dita von Teese, for example, does it beautifully well) but it's always been one of those things which needs to be matched properly in order to suit your skin (so you don't look like a scary drag queen). I rarely wear vibrant lipsticks as I'm more of an eye make-up person, and tend to keep my lip-wear relatively simple. But the thing about having great, bold lipstick is how dramatic, sultry or feminine it can instantly transform your face into (depending on the shade!), and it's always worth a try to see how you look! Red lipstick has always been and always will be in vogue, it's just up to us to be brave enough to wear it :)

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