BRIDE COUTURE: Nargis's Kashmiri Look

Here's a sneak peek still of upcoming Bollywood film Rockstar which is being released next week, which features newcomer Narghis Fakhri. She's shown here in a traditional Kahsmiri wedding outfit and accessories, which I think looks absolutely stunning, as you would expect from deisgners Manish Malhotra and Aki Narula.

I'm not a big fan of orange clothes (I have a real aversion to them, in fact!) but here it is a lovely, traditional look, and still manages to retain a beautifully old-fashioned look to it. I also think that this is a great look to take inspiration from for those brides looking for hijabi-bridal ideas, as it utilises the head-covering well and looks quite unique.

Some other peeks of the film here, showing various examples of how the Kashmiri theme is continued through the film, and showing just how much effort to capture the look has been made, from the look of the outfits, to the accessories and style of work on the clothes. This'll be a good film to look out for, if only for the interesting twist of culture and clothes being shown here, rather than the mainstream fashion we see all the time.
What do you think of the look? Is this something you would incorporate into your clothes?

All images belong to directors/producers of Rockstar

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