MAKE-UP REVIEW: Monthly Make-Up Boxes

I recently heard about a monthly make-up boxes subscriptions, which you can sign up for to receive a mix of some of the latest make up products, samples and miniatures every month for a fixed fee. What I like about this concept is that it is a great opportunity for make-up lovers who like to try the latest thing, without ending having to spend a lot of money on buying each product seperately. It's also a nice way to get a surprise in your box every month, getting the latest products and trying and finding out about new brands that you  may not have know about before. It also is quite popular due to the high-end products which often appear in the boxes, giving buyer value for their money and giving them a good mix of products, and enabling them to try new products which may not yet be on the market yet.

There are a lot of users who have said that they are happy with the products they receive, although this is also something which is for make-up lovers looking for new things, rather than people who would like to stick to traditional favourite which they know works for them. I think this is a nice idea which can introduce those who don't know a lot about make up or what suits them, to new and popular products. Admittedly, some may not want to pay a lot for these products, and it is about consumer interest, and also about the surprise in not knowing what's in your next box.

For UK users, there are companies such as Glossybox and Carmine which send out monthly products.

For US users there is Birchbox which appears to be quite popular.

For Canadian users there is Loose Button which is one of several companies which use this idea.

Has anyone used this? How do you find your monthly boxes?

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