QUIRKY FASHION: Paperself Eyelashes

Paperself is a quirky little company, offering 'alternatives' to a range of objects from fashion accessories to furniture. What I love from their range is their delicately shaped paper eyelashes, which feature peacock feathers, birds, deers, seahorses as well as a whole other range of natural and pretty things. Available to buy online, this is a very interesting concept which probably looks great on the catwalk, and gives a very dramatic look to the wearer. From pretty flowers and peacock feathers, to zebras and under-sea landscapes, the creaters of these eyelashes have put a lot of their imagination into these pretty things. I think these would be a little too crazy to be worn practically (although I wouldn't mind giving them a try), and it'd be fun to flutter some eyes with these. I think the peacock feathers (at the top, right) and the peonies (bottom right) are my favourite, simply because they look pretty and don't look too heavy for the eye!

Images belong to Paperself

Although some may argue that they look too finely detailed to get a real idea of the images, so they will just look messy, or that they are not very practical, the purpose of these are to get attention, and I certainly think they do just that. It's still definitely a very interesting idea, and although I'm not sure how many people I would see wearing these, I still think that it successfuly creates new looks and pushes fashion boundaries in an innovative way :)

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