BRIDE COUTURE: Reema's Pink Affair

Reema, one of Pakistan's more famous actresses, created quite a buzz last month when she tied the knot with American cardiologist, Dr S. Tariq Shahab. Opting for a flattering tea pink bridal outfit rather than the traditional red, Reema looked very pretty in her sparkling lengha outfit. I love how she didn't rule out the red completely though, with the maroon border along the bottom of the skirt and her dupatta adding some zest into the look. Also, the fact that both gold and silver work has been used here is not a bad one, the colours compliment each other and the tea pink quite well, and it is not an outfit which is saturated in too much detail, but rather, evenly spaced out. Reema's make-up is also quite well done, again choosing a rosy-pink look rather than harsh reds or dark colours, which has the effect of highlighing her pretty features.

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I think Reema composed herself very well on her wedding day (considering how she and her hubby were bombarded with the paparazzi and every inch of the wedding was analysed to death!), and her general look was very pretty, in a shimmering gold-pink sort of way. What I also like is how the jewellery was kept simple, and the focus of the outfit was more the draping of the dupatta and it's setting (although I did also love the fitted sleeves), and the fact that she didn't try to over-complicate the outfit. Just about the only thing which did surprise me was the absence of mehndi on her hands, which I'm guessing she decided to keep to the very minimum.

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