The Engagement Outfits...(finally!)

I've finally managed to get a few pictures of the engagement we had for my sister last weekend, and I must say, I'm quite please with the general look we had, and how much fun we all day that day!

This is the outfit below, which was a pretty grey and hot pink dress from Zeba'ish, a local shop in East London. What I love (and why she picked the dress) was how flattering the shape was, and how classic and wearable the dress was. It wasn't too too heavy, which was suitable as we really only had a small event, and it has a good mix of the East-meets-West, fusion style that is often seen in Asian fashion. It's also a very feminine dress, plenty of swishes to be had and the hot pink really compliments the grey without either being over-powering, The dress is made from several layers of material to give it a little volume, and was also less shinier than the pictures suggest, rather it was a subtle shimmer which made it look pretty. The other clincher about the dress is how unique it looks, it looks entirely fashionable by today's standards, yet the shape and style of it means that it is something that can be worn over the next few years without it feeling dated. I think my favourite part of the dress has to be the hem, which had strips of pink velvet and silver and looked very luxurious.

My sister also got her hair and make-up done by a make-up artist who was recommended to us. Honestly, we weren't too impressed by the make-up that was done and the final result, as it looked a bit hurried, and didn't look particularly special. What we were more pleased with was the hair style my sister got - its suited her hair and the dress perfectly, and looked very elegant.

The decor we kept mainly in the house, and quite simple, as we didn't want things to get too cluttered. We draped fairy-lights, organza fabric and strings of silver beads along the wall to go with the pink and grey theme we were having. We also added some ornaments such as silver lamps (spray painted by  myself!), pink candles, pink and silver sequinned table runners and pink and silver balloons, which really gave a nice effect for the house. We also decided to keep this theme for the presents which we gave to the groom's family, and it was a nice surprise to see that they had also brought gifts, in a rainbow coloured theme!

Here are a few peeks of some of the outfits which my sisters and I wore on the day (I ended up wearing this outfit), while most of the girls in the family wore various styles of abayahs, long kameezes, short ones and pretty dresses. The last picture is of my niece in her lovely flowery print dress posing at the restaurant we went to!

It was a lovely day for all of us, not too fussy and not too extravagant. It was great fun running around getting last minute pieces and doing the decorations in the home (as well as picking out our outfits!).

The restaurant we also went to was great, called Lahori Grill, which gave us a a good deal on the with the food and venue, and had a really nice atmosphere on the whole.

Next planning! Anyone getting married this year, or have a close wedding to attend and help out with? I think we all like to see ourselves as stylish and good as event-planning type things like decorations, outfits, gifts and venues, so it will be interesting to see how my creative family gets on with a wedding in the family. We've had a little experience after my brother's wedding reception last year, but there's always room for improvement!

Do share any tips with us, we'll all be browsing online on how to get our creative side inputted into the wedding!

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