HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Dhanak in Ilford, East London

Dhanak, located in Ilford, East London is another shop on the high street which I frequent a lot, due to their (largely) flowing dresses styles and their rich colours.While there is a good range in prices and styles, I have noticed that they have been using a lot of the long dresses with trousers style recently, which remains quite popular with their customers. Here's in an example of one of their more pricey pieces which I absolutely loved, due to the colour and the cut of the dress.

I've bought quite a few outfits from this shop (such as this one), the prices are fairly reasonable, and the styles are varied enough to appeal to everyone. This is one of my favourite outfits from this shop, it's not too heavy, is made from a very flattering shade of rose pink and burgundy, and generally gets compliments every time I wear it.

I've bought a few outfits from this shop, and while it does not (at the moment!) do any bridal wear or menswear, they are starting to branch out a little in styles and accessories. What I like most about this shop is how accessible it feels, the outfits are reasonable prices, and they are extremely wearable no matter what the occasion is. I've bought a few outfits from this shop, and so have many of my friends and sister, showing that it is quite a popular place.

Have any of you shopped here? What are your opinions on these designs and outfits?

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