KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Nida Azwer's Orange & Pink Gota Lengha

I'm not a big fan of orange (I may have mentioned that before!) as it's a colour which I'm not sure I could pull off, and I tend to stay away from colours which resemble Oompa Loompas. I really, really LOVED this outfit by Karachi-based designer Nida Azwer, however, which made used a lovely combination of colours, using orange, pink and black and teal, using rich silk and a 'gota' style hem. I think this would make a lovely, unusual mehndi outfit, and is a great alternative from the tradition yellow-and-green look which I've seen a lot of times. I also love how old-style the dupatta looked, it looks like a mix between a dupatta my mum owned in the 80s and a traditional, Indian style which I've also seen a lot. What did you think of these colours?

Images taken to Nida Azwer Facebook group

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