Baby Girls Fashion!

It's not often that you find something well-made and pretty in terms of kids clothes (looking for adult clothes can be hard enough), and when it comes to asian kapray, it can sometimes be even harder to find something nice for a child! I love coming across miniature versions of outfits I've seen for adults, and being an aunt of a fashionista niece, I like keeping an eye out for cute dresses for girls too!

I recently spoke to a close friend of mine though, who bought some beautiful clothes for her baby daughter and thought I'd share some pictures. The first one is a beautifully embroidered tail-gown style kameez from RDC, Ilford, which looks extremely cute and is perfect for the summer. I love the workmanship of this outfit, as often the quality of children's clothes isn't always brilliant, and in this case the kameez shows how this is improving as more and more shops are starting to make better clothes for little girls (and boys!)

I also loved this really cute kashmiri style outfit from Pakistan, which was given to my friend by someone they knew. Again, it's really cute for mehndis and although it's not cutting-edge-fashion style clothes, it's still quite pretty (and something that little girls would be able to get away with rather than us adults!)

I'll be keeping an eye out for more pretty clothes for little girls and boys, and will also try to update you on what my niece and nephews are choosing to wear on my sister's upcoming wedding!

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