DESIGNER MODE: Aisha Khadeejah

I've recently come across the designs of Pakistan-based designer Aisha Khadeejah, and have liked a lot of what she has designed, due to the pretty, feminine colours, the use of sparkly crystals and work, and the fact that a lot of her designs appear to be long flowing dresses which I've always been a fan of.
Although most of the images of her designs on her Facebook group appear to be of real brides, I've tried not to post too many of these as are still the brides' private pictures.

Here's a few examples of the types of colours and designs Aisha Khadeejah has used, which often seen to be light pinks or peachy pink colours, or even pretty off-white colours. I like how natural these colours look, and in these cases they look extremely flattering in a way which seems classic rather than something which is purely a fashionable look which would suit the catwalk. The designs I have posted are just some of her promotional images, but the images of her bridal-wear show a bigger range of designs (for examples this lovely, very sparkly piece).

Another example of her designs I wanted to post about were these two below. These were the valima/reception outfit (top) and the Engagement outfit (bottom) worn by Aisha's sister-in-law, who also helps to promote and run the business. I really liked both of these outfits, as the colours used was kept very simple, the work on the outfit complements the design and the shape of the outfits, and  and yet looked really beautiful on the bride. I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses and the nude/mink coloured reception dress looks beautiful in this style.

I think my favourite designs of Aisha's, though, has to be this maxi dress below. I first saw the dress in navy, which I loved because it looks so elegant, and then I saw the pretty pink one which was designed a little later, and I love how different and fresh it looks in a completely opposite colour.

 Images from Aisha Khadeejah FB Group

I have emailed this designer to ask how much her designs are, and have found most of the prices to be reasonable (although still not cheap!). Considering some of the prices for some designer pieces that are being made in Pakistan right now, the prices were still better than some that I've been quoted. The maxi dresses above, for example, were quoted as being worked out to about £500 each, which is still a bit pricey, but better than a lot of other designs I've looked that have cost a lot more.
I do like the style of this designer though, Aisha Khadeejah seems to have a pretty and fresh look about her designs and seem to have designed a lot of maxi dress styles which appeals to me a lot. I'll certainly be looking out for any of her latest designs in the future!

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