BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Vidya's 60's Simplicity in Parineeta

Parineeta was Vidya Balan's debut into the Bollywood World, in a colourful 60s style which mainly consists of fitted kameezes and colourful saris. There's not many heavy or overdone outfits in this film, instead it focuses on soft and pretty colours, and simple styles which reflect the time period. There are a few outfits and colours which caught my eye though, especially as Vidya has a very innocent look for this film.

The first suit I liked was this rich purple outfit, with embellishment on the sleeves and a bright green dupatta. I like the fact that this is something we can imagine the older generation wearing, it's something a lot of us have seen before in the past and the colours are flattering without being too bright. I also liked the long plait!

This next sari is a dressy red one which Vidya wears, along with some of the more heavier jewellery which she wears in this film, as we as a rose in her hair which instantly brings to mind the classic (and almost cliched!) style of the 60s. I like the fact that the focus is on the bright red of the sari, and the fact that her make-up and the flower in her hair is aligned with her outfit.

This is more of a romantic pink sari from one of the scenes in the film which is meant to give a dreamy style to the whole look. I like the fact that again, the style is kept very simple, the make-up and hair is kept very minimal and it's something which is very easy to imagine being worn in the 60s.

This is another red sari worn by the actress, again, focusing on the red fabric and the rich banarsi-style fabric of the blouse. Although it's not very dramatic or heavily embellished, it's more realistic in terms of putting together a style which would be easier for the ordinary consumer.

There's a lot of pretty hair accessories also worn by the heroine, which I noticed, which appealed to me most about the look of the outfits and the style of this film. I remember my mum telling me about similar earrings and hair pieces she used to wear when she was younger, and I can certainly see the appeal of wearing pretty hair pieces where you might want to jazz up an outfit!

Throughout the film, Vidya's outfits are pretty yet also quite simple, with the focus being on slightly fitted kameezes and feminine colours which are easy to imagine being worn back in the 60s. I think for Vidya's first film this was quite a successful look for her, it's quite modest and realistic, as well as very understated which allows her character to emphasise herself further.

Similarly, the make-up and and other accessories such as bangles and earrings are kept very simple and minimalistic, with the emphasis being on natural colours and traditional jewellery. I love these two images below, as they give such a lovely example of the style of the film and the amount of work put into the film to make it seem more authentic. Again, these are very achievable looks which are well-put together and give more of a subtle look.

And of course, a cameo number from Rekha in a deep-red numberm which is emphasised by the red rose in her hair and her deep red lips. Not sure how authentic this is for being a 60's style outfit, but I did think it made an interesting addition to the 60s look in terms of the evening-club-dancer look, and the fact that the directors chose an older woman like Rekha rather than a young actress to do an 'item' style number.

All images belong to directors/producers of Parineeta

Some lovely, simple outfits here - although this film may not be the first to come to mind when you think of 60s glamour, it gives a good interpretation of it, and I like the fact that a lot of these looks are very achievable. I also think that this film has some very pretty saris which are worn well by the women in this film, and also accessorised well to emphasise the freshness of the actresses' faces rather than over-crowding it with too much.

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