GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Vintage Bridal Hair Accessories by Flo & Percy

I came across these bridal hair accessories and jewellery by English vintage bridal jewellery designer Flo and Percy while looking through an English bridal magazine, and saw some lovely hair accessories would could be worn in an Asian wedding (by the bride or the guests!) in a pretty Western-Eastern fusion twist.

According to their website, materials are sourced worldwide and come from many different time periods and uses different heirlooms to create beautiful pieces for brides to treasure. I also find it interesting that the name 'Flo and Percy' comes from the fact that married couple Florence and Percy were married for 80 years and held the record for the longest marriage in the world, which is something the company hopes to pass onto any new brides with their accessories.

Here's just a few examples of their lovely pieces from their various collections, and how they have been worn. I've noticed a strong theme of older eras, such as the 1920s look to a lot of these pieces, or themed weddings. I love for example, the Wonderland collection which has pieces named after various characters of the famous 'Alice in Wonderland' book.

The Mad Hatter Comb, taken from Brides etc magazine

A 1920's-inspired hair band/tiara from the collection 

A hair comb from the Magdalene collection 

 A beautiful tiara/hair band from the Bohemia collection

 The White Queen hairband/comb from the Wonderland Collection

Hairband from the Looking Glass collection

Although the designs and pieces are not cheap at all, being bespoke pieces and probably valuable ones too, it's a great place to look for the bride who doesn't want something too fussy, and there's plenty of inspiration to be had. Not all brides may want to wear a dupatta in their hair, and having a fresh, more relaxed look such as pretty hair and wearing hair accessories may be something which appeal to them. It's also a lovely look for those who may be looking for something different to incorporate into their style, and even for those who are going for a slightly more modern, Western/fusion look without making it too fussy.

Personally I'd even consider pinning some of these as hijab accessories, I'm always on the look-out for something different (and sparkly!) and these would give a very different look to an outfit!

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