MAKE-UP REVIEW: Pinky Lipstick by UNE Make-Up

I wrote a while back about a matte lipstick I bought from UNE, and how it wasn't the best one I'd tried. But I believe in giving some things a second chance, and I'm glad I did, seeing as I bought another lipstick which ended up being one of my favourite lipsticks in quite along time!

The lipstick shade I bought was in L05 in Lip Toned Colour, which was the colour I found which flattered my skin best and also was something which was quite natural looking, yet still quite visible. I also loved the fact that it quite pretty creamy, and didn't feel as drying as the last lipstick I bought in this brand. Again, it has build-able colour and comes out as a really pretty pink shade, like a blush colour (which you can see in the pictures below):

I usually tend have to wear something underneath my lighter coloured lipsticks in order to bring out the colour better, and usually a light lip liner does the job, but with this lipstick, the colour comes out quite well without me needing to use anything. I also like the fact that it's very natural looking, it gives a really pretty, soft look without needing too much fuss and I've found that I don't really need to re-apply it much throughout the day.

I've recommended this to my sisters and a couple of my friends, some of them have found this quite favourable, while others are not as in love with it as I am possibly because the colour is a little too light for them. Again, it's a lipstick which has a good creaminess to it, and isn't too shiny which makes it perfect for everyday wear. It's not something funky in terms of colour, but it's definitely one of those solid products which I would buy again if I ran out!

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