BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Karishma Kapoor's Bridal Red

There's a few outfits which I think look pretty enough and striking enough to look good at any time of the year, whether it's due to good tailoring, beautiful colours or well-put together design.

I love this long red outfit by Manav Gangwani showcased at HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai from a few years back, which is an example of this - although it may be a bit heavy for some, it makes a beautiful alternative for a bridal dress. Karishma Kapooor looks beautiful in her iconic fitted churidar pants and long kameez, which she was often seen wearing in her films of the 90s, and it's something which would look great today (also, my sister had something extraordinarily similar to this about a decade ago!)

I'm a big fan of velvet when it's used well, and I think it looks pretty here, with the beautifully fitted ling sleeves and dramatic neckline. If only we could all pull it off like Karishma though, eh?

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