Happy Jubilee!

I've been busy this weekend with taking advantage of various Jubilee events in the capital (watching the Flotilla down the Thames was fun, but also very wet!) and basically making the most of the extended Bank Holiday weekend we've been enjoying. I love this image below because it really encompasses a lot of things about women with a similar background to me, who have parents that have immigrated to Britain and have their own ethnic roots, yet manage to conciliate all things British with their Asian (and in my case, Punjabi!) side.

I'm still waiting to find an image of a British-flag inspired sari or kameez, I tried to search for something which would come close but only came up with these, which are probably closer to the American Flag's stars and stripes! I'll assume there's something waiting to be made by some designer somewhere, but until then, these will have to do.

 Image sources here and here

What did you do this weekend - were there any Jubilee celebrations near you? I'd love to hear stories, the weirder the better, of course!

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