MAKE-UP REVIEW: Elegant Eye-Liner Flicks

I love my eyeliner. Out of everything I wear, my eyeliner is my staple, go-to, magic make-up product which has the ability to turn me from zombie-licious to, well, a girl. I love my flicks too, especially because I really find that it elongates the eye and really gives some shape to it which looks really elegant.

I'm always on the lookout for more ideas, and thought these would be amazing to try, especially as they all vary in terms of dramatic to subtle, and there's something to suit everyone! Also, it's a good way to practise, especially as I find some people are better at using either pencil or liquid liner than the other - and these are great for inspiration.

I think I'll try the fourth one down tomorrow (Retro style), although maybe without the falsies!

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