OUTFIT Of The Day: Red Velvet Threads & Motif Dress

Thought I'd do something a  bit more varied and show you girls what I've been wearing in terms of the less dressier outfits (although perhaps not too casual to the point of showing off my pyjamas just yet!), and what I would recommend or some personal favourites from my wardrobe

Here's something I wore today to a party that I went to with my sisters, a beautiful red chiffon and velvet long kameez with gold embroidery, accessorised with a nude silk scarf and matching heels! I absolutely love this outfit, which is from from Pakistani label Threads & Motifs, which is retailing in the shops nearby in London, as well as being available online, and the quality of this kameez really does show right down to the last stitch.

Oh, and this is me wearing it, in case you were interested!

I absolutely love the fall of the kameez (although the slits on the side right up to the hips did surprise me a bit!), and how long it was on me, at almost ankle-length - and it is definitely something I can imagine being able to keep over the years because of how flattering the shape and the colour is. I also like the addition of velvet as well, which makes it look a bit more luxurious, without it feeling too heavy or overdone.

I'm a big fan of the designs by Threads & Motifs, because of how every wearable their designs are, especially as a lot of them are long and not too fitted, which also makes them very comfortable. I've seen a lot of embroidery work on clothes, and I find the work that I have seen on this label's designs are very neatly done and look very pretty too. They're not cheap, retailing from £100 upwards in the high street, but I do think they appeal to a lot of people and the quality does show on their pieces.

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