BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Saawariya Inspirations

Sanjay Leela Bansali films have always, always appealed to me, from the beautifully designed outfits, the ornate sets, the lovely songs and the dreamy, sensational style of his films. And of course, Saawariya fits into the bill, with it's weirdly emotional plot and beautiful, beautiful outfits which I absolutely fell in love with.

There were three main designers for the film Saawariya, who created beautiful, signature outfits which created a dreamy world and era of their own. The designers, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Reza Shariffi and Anuradha Vakilare pretty well known in Bollywood as the designers of a lot of beautiful costumes, and the images below are by each of them for the film. It is easy to recognise these outfitw worn by the actresses in the film; Rani Mukherji's sari (in the last picture) and for Sonam Kapoor's skirts (for the first two pictures).

I love seeing how outfits are put together, and how concept is put to paper, and even in the designs below, the look is elegant and shows a great glimpse of the lovely outfit in the film. I'll be sure to post about these outfits later on, as I find them lovely (me and my swishy dresses, eh?) and I think they're a great place to look at for inspiration!

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