BRIDE COUTURE: A Dreamy White Anarkali Affair

I've seen several versions of the white-and-gold or white-and-silver anarkali outfit, and this is certainly one of the more prettier ones, although I think I like it more because of it's regal setting and the dreamy style of the whole image. I love how the outfit itself is not too blingy, and has a slightly traditional look to it because of the shimmery type of work it has - not to mention the model's simple hair and shoes!

Unfortunately, I have no idea who the designer for this outfit is, so I can't say a lot about the outfit and I don't have more pictures of it (I'm not even sure I can remember where I found this image from either, quite possible Bollywood Nerd's beautiful tumblr!) - but I do think this picture is a great way of showing how brides don't necessarily need to overload to look beautiful :)

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