QUIRKY FASHION: Louis Vuitton's Sari Dress

Some of you may have already seen this, as it's a couple of years old so I'm not sure whether the concept of this is as novel as it used to be. Designer brand Louis Vuitton created a series of dresses to coincide with Diwali and this was one of the dresses that was the result.

I'm liking the wackiness of this 'sari-dress', while I'm not sure how practical it is (I don't like how it looks here, for example), and I'm not sure whether it can really desever the term 'sari' anywhere in it, I do like the beautiful rich colours of the fabrics uses. I'm not a big Louis Vuitton fan (I've been over-exposed to fake LV bags which has put me off a little), but this dress does actually appeal to me, simply because it of the beautiful prints and the mix of colours. I'd probably take the the belt off it, though.

Something to wear with a smart, black jacket, maybe?

Image from here

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