GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Blue Velvet Damask Clutch Bag

I may have mentioned before how much I love damask. So if I see something pretty (and practical!) with damask print on it, and it's not going to bankrupt me, I'll probably snap it up. Like this beautiful, velvet clutch bag which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it (funnily enough, one of my sisters bought it for another sister, and I wanted it so got the same for myself. Yes we could have shared but she's too far away for me to go and steal her bags now.)

I love how rich and blue this purse is (I already got compliments the first time I used it) but I also love how versatile it is, it's also a piece which wouldn't look out of place at an English wedding (I can easily imagine a theme of white dresses and blue accessories!) because of how easily this can be adapted per outfit and occasion.

So all in all, I pretty much love this thing. And it didn't even cost much either - sometimes the best things really don't cost much at all!

Clutch bought from New Look

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