BRIDE COUTURE: Lisa Ray's Wedding Sari

The beautiful Lisa Ray recently auctioned off her Satya Paul wedding sari to benefit the  'Living with Cancer' charity which she supports, which I think was a really a wonderful thing to do (especially seeing how amazing she looked in it!). The sari was put on auction at the Satya Paul facebook group and websites and sold a couple of weeks ago (I have no idea who won it, though, but you can read more here to find out more of what Lisa is up to these days).

The sari itself is a beautiful one, I love the mix of white, gold and the rose-pink trim, and is embellished beautifully with sequins and kundan stones. As a bridal outfit, this is certainly classy, and I love how naturally beautiful she looks in it, and how comfortable too.

I've seen a lot of colourful and funky saris from Satya Paul, but this is one of nicest I've seen from them, and it makes a nice change from the rainbow saris which I've seen a lot of!

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