HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Black embroidered jacket by Damini

I've mentioned the growing trends in embroidered jackets in Asian fashion, and I've started to see some of these in the local shops as well, and I'm glad too as I love the whole style of jackets. One example I have seen is this beautifully embroidered black and cream jacket with lengha suit seen in Daminis, which is located in Green Street, East London.

I love how beautifully embroidered the patterns of this jacket is, and it is nicely paired with a plain undershirt and plain black lengha, which looks really elegant. Although Daminis is one of the more expensive brands on the high street (not including shops which sell designer-wear), they do have some lovely stuff which has caught my eye and which are slightly different from the other shops on Green Street.

While I wouldn't be willing to shell out the average £800 this outfit most likely costs (I've seen similar outfits in the store with this price tag), I do think that people who do shop there come away with some very pretty outfits, there is a huge range which suits a lot of people, and with outfits like the one below, it's easy to see why it is popular.

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