HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Beige and Maroon Angrakha Lengha

I saw this today in a local boutique in East London called Ramsha, which I really liked because of the style and the colours. I loved the fact that the deep red part of it went so well with the beige dress and the bottle green hem on the border, which makes for a nice colour combination. I've been looking for an outfit for a close friend's wedding and am looking for something in these colours as well as something which is long and flowy, and this is right up my street. Although I wouldn't go for particular outfit because it's a little too heavy (and pricier than I want to pay!), I do think it would make a lovely bridal-event outfit (or perhaps an engagement dress, maybe?), the cut of this is really nicely done, and I like that it looks quite modest too.

The top, dress part of the outfit is in an angrakha style, which is a specific cut of a dress that has a cross-over style (like how a wrap dress looks like), and ties at the front with a hook or ribbon. I haven't seen many of these styles in local shops (I have seen a few of these online, though) and thought it made a really nice alternative to a lot of the usual anarkali dresses I've seen in the past.

What do you think of this outfit?

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