Polki and Pearl Bangles for Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a nice affair at my house, with several bunches of flowers, cupcakes and little treats for all the mothers in the family. My mum, obviously, got the biggest bunch of flowers though! (You can see pictures here, here and here for what we all managed to get!)

We wanted to also buy something special for my mum (along with flowers), so we decided to get her some bangles which she could wear. My mum loves colourful, pretty jewellery (I share her tastes in that respect!) so it was quite easy to pick something out for her. I've had my eyes on these polki-stone bangles for some time, which was bought from a small jewellery shop called Diva on Ilford Lane, East London (the same place I bought these!) and picked out a set of four bangles. While these aren't real gold, they're gold-plated, and the price was very reasonable - and of course, my mum loved them.

Also similar were these gold-plated and pearly bangles, which we bought my sister's children thoughtfully picked out and bought for her as part of their Mother's Day gift for her. These were better suited for her because they would go with more of her outfits, and would be easy to match with her other bangles. She was quite happy with them too (especially since she didn't even expect anything!) and the kids were excited about them too! So all in all, a nice day spent with the family :)

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