KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Masaba's Satya Paul Grey Metallic Sari

I've mentioned before how I like Masaba's quirky style in her saris, and after the news that Masaba would be collaborating with the popular Satya Paul to design a range of saris, I remember reading a lot of mixed opinions about whether it would be a good mix. Personally, I wasn't sure of the result, as both designers have such signature looks, and it could either look really, really good together, or maybe not so well.

I'm glad I waited to see an actual sari before I decided on an opinion, and I I must say, I do like this sari - it's elegant, modern and chic, and has a twist of something futuristic about it (probably the metallic greys and the chain-mail-ish blouse), but it also has something modest and well tailored that appeals to me. I also love the fact that Masaba added her own brand of quirky-ness with the blocks of colour along the edge of the sari, not to mention the 'telephone' print in the middle of the sari!

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