A 1920s influence by NAURATAN

I came across this photo-shoot by Pakistani brand Nauratan, which I found really interesting, as it was advertising their 'Spring Brides' collection with a different look, which was a 1920's influence in both hair and make-up. While the outfits look lovely, they didn't stand out to me as much as the styling all of these looks did, I loved the way the hair accessories, the pearl necklaces and the 1920s style dark lips all give a well-put together look, and really creates the image.

While I haven't seen a lot of era-inspired Asian outfits which have an English influence like this, I thought this would be great inspiration for brides looking for a different type of 'fusion' look, whether it's small touches like vintage hair clips or pearl necklaces, or the whole shebang for an amazing look like the ones below.

Images belong to Nauratan

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