Bollywood Stars at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, 2013: Vidya Balan

The Cannes Film Festival is still ongoing (with Aishwariya Rai apparently on-route to the red carpet, which I'm looking forward to seeing!). Another Bollywood star who has been catching everyone's eye is the lovely Vidya Balan, who has opted for a much more traditional look than the one Sonam Kapoor has been going for, especially as Vidya has remained faithful to one of her favourite designers Sabyasachi, whose designs she has worn a lot in the past.

First is this Sabyasachi lengha in black and nude pink, which looked quite dressy and well accessorised with a chunky, long necklace (it reminded me slightly of this outfit slightly, although Vidya's version looks more delicate and traditional). While I love the skirt with this, I think the plain black blouse looks too plain, and could have been embellished or slightly patterned to make it look more dressy. Although the necklace did jazz it up, I wasn't as keen on the top as I was on the skirt.

Next is this really pretty, deep red and creamy gold sari, also by Sabyasachi which looked quite traditional, although I did love the splash of blue in the mix, not to mention how everyone has been commenting on Vidya's nose-ring. Although I thought her hair was too plain and simple, it gave a very respectable look and her make-up was done simply but quite prettily.

I think my favourite ensemble worn by Vidya so far is this pretty, deep red lengha, which has Sabyasachi's signature style to it, and the almost-Spanish overtones which look pretty with the very traditional jewellery. I think Vidya should have perhaps worn a red rose in her hair, or otherwise a pretty necklace to go with her simple top, (or perhaps a splash of red lipstick!), as it looked too similar to the previous outfits.

And lastly is this sari, which looked quite smart to me, because of the beautiful embellishment on the shoulders and the beaded necklace, which I think went very well with this sari. While this is again, a typical Sabyasachi palette (gold, black, nudes, creams), it works well together and looks classic, my only complaint is again, that Vidya's hair looks too simple and could have been jazzed up, or she could even have tried some red lipstick to make a dramatic look. But having said that, this look was well put together, Vidya looks like a rich aristocrat and wears the sari very gracefully.

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