OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Purple and Olive Green Kashimiri Style Dress

I like wearing loose, long dresses and kameezes, particularly on weekends when I prefer clothes to be comfy, not too fitted and easy to lay around in! Now that the weather is getting warmer, I find that it's more convenient to wear loose outfits from cool cottons and lightweight fabrics, which are a lot more easier to move around in.

I wore a Kashmiri style dress recently, which was bought from local store in East London called Maria's Collection, which carry beautifully embroidered and semi-formal outfits which are perfect for more everyday wear and less formal events. This outfit came in light orange and black as well as the purple and olive below, but I loved the colours of the purple and olive more and so ended up with this one. Here's how I wore it and what I put it together with.

And this is me wearing the dress, which was very comfortable, although it helps that I kept the look very simple and didn't wear a lot of accessories or jewellery.

I've worn this outfit a few times and it's one which feels quite classic to me, the colours are very wearable and are flattering, the shape of the kameez drapes well, and that it feels elegant and comfortable. I like the style of the dress and would certainly recommend it for those  looking for something different at their less formal or everyday wear!

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