I've been looking through my wardrobe (both western clothes and Asian!) and have been looking for inspiration for colours, styles and pieces to put together in a different way. I'm in maxi-skirt-mode at the moment, and these are a few of the skirts I've been putting together to see what colours suit each other. I loved these dull colours, the maroon, mustardy-yellow and darker blue, which gives an almost retro look.

It gave me the idea that this could be translated into Asian dresses, like a maxi dress in rusty reds with mustard and navy piping or embroidery, or a navy skirt and jacket piece with maroon and mustard work - I'm sure it's been done already, but it's still worth looking at for your next outfit! (I'm already matching yellow, red and blue bangles to these colours already!)

What do you think of this colour combination?

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