BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Ram Leela's Rajasthani Influence

I've been seeing previews and sneak peeks of Deepika's latest movie, Ram Leela, which has some promising costumes (Deepika's costumes were designed by Anju Modi, apparently, and Ranveer's were by designer Maxima Basu).

I love the luxury of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's films, and his latest venture should be just as stunning, the outfits look amazing and so do the sets.

Here's a few sneak peeks at the outfits worn by Deepika for this film, I can see a range of styles here which remind me of the costumes in Saawariya and also slightly some from Devdas. I love the look going on here though, Deepika's make-up and hair is pretty much left as a simple style, and her outfits are not overloaded with too much work, although I do love the detail on some of them (like the sleeves on her cholis, or her beautiful star-shaped ring, or her hair pieces!).

I'm looking forward to seeing more costumes from this film - what do you think of them?

Images taken from Ram Leela trailer and do not belong to me

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