A Flowery Eid Party...!

Last weekend, the sisters and I held our annual Eid Party, which is mostly an excuse for kids to be rowdy, for us all to dress up, and to of course, eat lots of scrumptious food!

This year, we went with a flowery, spring theme (with some rainbows!), which we thought would look simple but effective. Initially we threw a few ideas around, and wanted to go with a nice peachy-and-mint theme with a vintage feel, but we thought that this would get trashed in about three minutes after all the rabble turned up, so we changed the theme to something a bit easier to do and which looked pretty (and girly!) too.

Here's some of our decor, we spent a few hours the night before cutting out flowers and decorating the walls, with my nephews commenting every so often "Urrrgggh! It's so girly!!!" Nevertheless, we had great fun doing this, and it was quite easy to do (even if we did feel a bit like we were in a classroom at the end of it!)

Our parties are nothing without our food and candy bars, and this year was no exception. We didn't go overboard with sweets this year, as we didn't want to overload everyone with sugar, so my sister made our popular rainbow fruit kebabs, and my eldest sister made the bulk of the food we had spread out. A lot of our lovely guests also bought a dish with them, so we all had plenty to eat and took our time to enjoy the food!

To finish off, here is some of the dessert that we had, plenty of mithai and nuts, a few cakes, some cupcakes and of course, whatever was left of the candy bar and soft drinks!

All in all, we had a nice, relaxed evening, the kids made enough noise to show that they enjoyed ourselves, and we all had fun dressing up and talking to friends. I spent most of the evening tottering on my high heels but I still did feel glamorous in them!

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