DESIGNER MODE: Beautiful Gypsy Skirts by Nomad

I love clothes which are slightly boho, out-of-the-ordinary, playful and colourful, and Nomad is a company which seems to be all of these - in their own words, "Nomad is the modern expression of rural fashion", which I think sums them up amazingly.

Nomad designs and creates beautiful and colourful gypsy (or 'banjaran') style skirts, layering in colour, floral prints and using all sorts of fabrics which reminds me of various Rajasthani and tribal clothes in India - and indeed this is the look they're aiming for.

I love how feminine and beautiful these skirts look - they're simple, striking, and look easy to pair with an Asian wardrobe or with everyday Western wear. I can especially imagine these being worn to a mehndi ceremony, or even to a summer wedding, and I think they would definitely look different to the styles I'm used to!

Nomad skirts are available to buy here, otherwise you can email/call them for enquiries. I particularly love this design, but I'm not sure whether I would shell out £75 for a skirt!

What do you think of these - would these be something you'd like to wear?

 All images belong to Nomad

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