I've heard of beauty box subscriptions before, but this is something new that I discovered - Hijabi Box. It works pretty much the same way as a beauty box does, you pay for a subscription and receive various products - in this case, some scarves with matching accessories like hijab pins, a hijab cap/bonnet as well as perhaps some skincare or make-up products (or in one case, some chocolate!)

I love the fact that something like this is available, it's great for sisters who are looking for something a little different, or perhaps even those who want a bit more help matching their accessories with their scarves.

I've read a couple of reviews from those who have signed up for this, and they seem to be generally positive - the only down side is that the company is based in the US for those who may not want to pay shipping charges. Personally I'm not sure if I would go for something like this, as I tend to like putting my hijab looks together myself and mix-and-match a lot, and I'm not overly adventurous with hijab colours - but it would be nice to get something different each month to try out!

What do you think of this idea?

Images from Hijabi Box

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