DESIGNER MODE: Rano's Heirlooms

I recently came across the beautiful work of Rano's Heirlooms by designer Rano Usman, who creates beautifully embroidered pieces which result in some very beautiful, classy piece.

There's dresses, saris and skirts in plenty of vibrant colours, which don't distract from the beautiful work of the outfits - I love the colourful peacocks, birds, flowers and shimmery gold work which seems to be a theme with her work. There's a lot of embroidery and subtle, intricate detail in Rano's pieces which adds to the vintage look of the outfits, and also echoes

I like the designer's take on her work too - that detail is more important than flamboyance, that the input of tailors are important too, and what really shines through is her love for creating designs and beautiful work.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more of her work this year - I have no idea what the price ranges are for some of these but I'm sure that they aren't cheap, but it's definitely worth finding out. What do you think of this designer's work?


Images from Rano's Heirloom Facebook group

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