IN MY WARDROBE: My Faiza Samee Outfit

I'm a big fan of Faiza Samee, so this is something I've been excited about posting - my first outfit by the wonderful designer herself! I've always loved the colourful, eclectic style of this designer, the use of bold colours and beautiful fabrics, so I took the opportunity to buy an outfit when it came up.

I have sent messages in the past via Faiza Samee's Facebook group, but did not have much luck with a response - to date I still haven't received a reply from the Facebook group so I assume it is not a very active account, or it may not have strong links with the actual designer and her company.

Truthfully, I managed to get this outfit by luck, and didn't end up going through contacting the designer to make a specific outfit. I don't tend to spend a lot on a single outfit, and haven't really gone for designer outfits before as they tend to be quite expensive for me (especially if I won't get a lot of wear out of it).

I managed to get this outfit by from a someone who went to a clothes boutique which is in Karachi, and who purchased the outfit for me. Although it wasn't cheap, it was less than I expected it to be, which is probably because it's not a heavily worked formal, and also because it was a ready-made outfit.

This is the outfit below, a long, fitted kameez with long slits on the side, with wide, slightly-cropped silk pants and a beautiful rich purple and light blue scarf. I've also posted a few close ups of the work because of how detailed it is, and how well done it is - even the dupatta has some beautiful hand-painted flowers on it.

I love the bright mix of colours in this outfit, the coral pink, rich orange and turquoise blues with beautiful embroidery. I also like the fact that although it's not heavily embellished, it doesn't need to be because of the rich satins, silks and brocades, as well as the print-work and hand-painted work. I don't have many outfits like this so this was certainly a nice, fun change from what I am used to (the orange silk wide trousers were different for me especially, but felt very nice on!)

I've worn this outfit a couple of times already (and will post pictures soon!), and have had a lot of compliments every time I did from everyone who has seen it - and no wonder, it really is a lovely outfit. I've found it to be an ideal outfit for a mehndi event too because of the colours, and it's very comfortable to move around in and still looks flattering to my shape.

I'm not a massive advocate of always buying designer outfits, but this outfit by Faiza Samee looks exactly how I imagined her designs to be, and I certainly would recommend these because I haven't seen these styles in many other places. It's also nice to have something which feels dressy without actually being too heavy, which again, makes a change from heavy maxi dresses that I've worn in the past!

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