Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! A Trapezoid Lipstick Holder

You may have already seen these (you might even have one of these already!) but I thought I'd post this anyway in case you haven't! I recently bought a lipstick holder to hold all the lipsticks I use everyday (I'm still trying to find a good place to put it, away from curious baby hands!) which holds 24 lipsticks in a simple plastic raised holder.

I bought mine from eBay (this is the one if you want to get one as well) because I couldn't find it anywhere else, and also because it was the cheapest on here as well.

This is the one I bought, which arrived about two weeks after I bought it (which I though was pretty good considering it can take longer when ordering from places like China). It's fairly light-weight and sturdy, I can't imagine it breaking easily and it sits quite easily.

And this is my lipstick holder when I filled it up with some of my lipsticks - I like that it takes most lipsticks (and that the slots weren't too slim for most of the brands that I use!). It's also pretty easy to take out the lipsticks without disturbing the other ones, so all in all, it's pretty handy.

I think this is quite a nice addition to have on the dressing table, and it certainly organises the lipsticks that can clutter up your space. I also like the fact that it's easy to see the different lipsticks it holds so you can see which is which. My only complaint is that this only has 24 compartments, which sounds like a lot but isn't enough for me (although that didn't stop my mum saying I have too many lipsticks when I filled this organiser up! I think she's forgotten about all the other lipsticks I have!)

I think this is great for every day use where you can just pick up what you need from the desk or dressing table without cluttering it up. I like having my make-up on display so that I'm more likely to use it, especially because if I put my stuff away I don't always end up using it!

What do you think of this - would you buy one, and do you think it's useful?

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