Book of Shadows: Eye Shadow Palettes

I've recently come across the idea of using custom made palettes for eyeshadows, made by Etsy seller group Book of Shadows, which uses beautiful prints and fabrics to bind the 'books' of palettes and create beautiful ways of organising your eyeshadows. I've seen eyeshadow palettes in these kind of 'book' forms before, but I haven't seen any as luxuriously looking and as sleek looking as these.

This particular seller as a wide range of 'book's, which are all hand-made, making them that little bit more unique. I love the different styles and colours which are available, from rich damask prints, embossed flowers, and even animal print, and here are just a few of the wide range of prints available. I think my favourite has to be the last one, which really reminds me of a group of little girls trying to play dress up. I'm pretty sure it's one that my sisters (or even my little niece!) would find appealing too.

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I'm considering buying one of these, or even making one myself to see how much it would declutter the random single eyeshadows I have. It's a very stylish way to organise your makeup, and I can imagine that a group of these wouldn't even take up much space. My only worry would be that the eyeshadows would actually fit -  not all eyeshadows come in the same size or medium, and it may just end up making more of a mess!
Has anyone bought anything like these? How do you find them?

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