KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Nomi Ansari's Ombre Dresses

I've always been a huge fan of ombre shaded outfits, as well as a lot of Nomi Ansari's designs, and these dip-dye style designs are a beautiful combination of the two. Although these are from Nomi Ansari's collection from 2010, the vibrant colours, the flattering shape of the dress and the actual ombre shades are still very wearable for today's occasions, and without being too heavy on the detail.

Images from here and here

I think these would make spectacular outfits for a mehndi occasion, or even for the bride herself on a mehndi. The yellow one really appeals to me because of how colourful it is, and how surprisingly feminine it looks, but it is the last one in green which I love the most. It's such an effortless, simple look with the focus being on the cut of the dress and the beautiful colour, rather than any extravagant embellishments or complicated designs. Some very pretty outfits on the catwalk being shown here, with the ombre trend seeming to be one which may last a while, in my opinion.

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