BRIDAL COUTURE: A Red-Lipped Bride

I found this picture on Paklinks wedding threads, and have no idea whether this is a real bride or whether it was part of a photo shoot (I suspect this is a real bride), and was blown away by how pretty the bride looked, with a combination of well-done make up, rich colours and pretty features. I don't tend to post pictures of real brides as I don't like to post personal wedding pictures, but I felt like this was one I had to share as it shows how well put together the make-up and jewellery of a bride can be. I haven't seen any other images of this bride, but I just loved how rich and immaculate the lipstick looked, and how well it went with her smokey eyes.
Personally I've always favoured the smokey eyes and light lips looks, even on brides, and this is one picture which would change my mind about red lips because it just looks so pretty!

Anyone seen anymore pictures of this bride? I'd love to see!

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