GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: The Top 5 Most Expensive Diamond Presents

Ice ice baby. Or something along those lines. We all like looking at sparkly things so here's a few of the most expensive diamonds which have been gifted to some lucky women, from all over the world.

5. Victoria Beckham's diamond studded bag

 This bag, called The Silver Himalayan was given to Victoria B by her hubby as a Christmas present, featuring a 3 carat diamond on the lock. It's made from crocodile skin too but that's less sparkly or interesting.

4. The Elizabeth Taylor diamond given by Richard Burton

The famous 'Taylor-Burton' diamond was a gift from Taylor's then-husband, who got the raw diamond from South Africa. It's been sold a few times and is often seen as symbolic of their love.

3. Beyonce's engagement ring

Beyonce's beautiful 18 carat ring, currently valued at 5 million cool ones, and designed by jeweller Lorraine Schwartz. Apparently Beyonce wears a a $5000 imitation as a safety measure in public. Makes sense.

2. The Russain Orlov diamond

Count Grigory Orlov presented the Russian Empress, Catherine the Great with a diamond in 1798, after she lavished him with a palace, several hundreds of workers and servants, and bought him a country estate. The diamond itself is named Orlov and was fitted into the Empress' sceptre. It is considered priceless and has yet to be valued.

1. The Kohi Noor diamond

Probably one of the world's most famous diamonds (in my opinion anyways), this diamond came from India originally and belonged to its royalty. When India was taken over by the British, it was eventually given to Queen Victoria as a reluctant 'gift', although the size of the diamond has been reduced due to re-shaping for the Crown Jewels. Again, this has not been valued, but it is believed to be worth literally billions of pounds.

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