BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Seventies Stylish Glamour in 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai'

I love the styling in this film, 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai', which is set in the seventies and has some iconic-looking outfits and styles which I really liked. There's a real range of colour and design throughout, and I like the fact that there are two different 'heroines' in the film which allowed the costume designers to explore both sides, Western and Traditional.

Kangana Ranaut's role as a movie star embodies the changing style of the seventies, from the funky hair styles, the jewellery and the daring outfits, which she pulls off pretty well. I loved the natural use of colour on her, and the fact that her make-up is not overdone.

In contrast, Prachi Desai's role as a more traditional, feminine and more 'naive' type gave her a range of salwar kameezes and dresses to wear which looked very classic and also very flattering. Again, I like how simple her hair and make up is kept, and the fact that the scenery and decor around her is used to create her style, such as towering mosque buildings, the bazaar around her and at one point, the rooftops in Mumbai!

Another thing I liked was how the designers played around with Kangana's hair styles, which couples with her 70s style eyeliner and 'baby doll' lips really created a look which was both a throwback to the seventies as well as recognisable in today's trends. I like how the film varies from giving her a bob-cut to long waves (which kind of reminded me of Hema Malini in her heyday!) - just shows the benefits of being a movie star and having adaptable hair!

Compared to this, the more relaxed make-up and hair styles of Prachi are something which feel a bit more traditional and easy to replicate - the plait is certainly something I can imagine as being realistic! I did like the fact that Prachi's natural beauty is emphasised though, and the fact that she has a a good balance with outfits and hair and make-up.

There were a few outfits which stood out in this film, partly because they looked similar to costumes seen in the seventies (and in seventies Bollywood films!) and partly because they were just pretty.
One example of this is this pink sari, which was probably the outfit I liked most on Kangana. It's a coral pink colour which is prettily embellished and worn by Kangana with a matching lipstick, which I think would look great today! I love this shade of pink, it suits a lot of people and looks very refreshing, and certainly on this character it really looks effortless and pretty.

Another outfit I like was this white dress, which is basically a one-shouldered maxi dress. Again, it is a simple outfit which relies on accesseories and the way the whole look is put together, but I think it is pretty and very flattering on Kangana, right down to the flowered jewellery in her hair.

Alternatively, this is another white outfit worn by Kangana, but which gives a different look. I like the fact that its a traditional, modest white outfit which is jazzed up with pearl earrings and necklaces and some funky sunglasses. While this look may not be so popular today, I can imagine it being something which was worn back in the seventies!

I also liked this gold outfit, which seemed a bit in line with today's trends (sequin dresses, gold shimmer), so may not be that realistic in terms of what may have been worn at that time. I did think the make-up here was quite nice though, especially as the smokey eyes and bronzed look is different from the other styles worn by Kangana.

In contrast to this are the beautiful outfits worn by Prachi, which are less westernised and more closer to the fashion styles which were popular in the seventies.
The one I loved the most was this tea pink sharara outfit, which reminded me of something my mum says she used to wear in her younger days! The fact that it's quite simple outfit focusing on the cut of it, as well as the fact that it is matched to a teal coloured dupatta makes it something which works every effectively. It's pretty, it's girly and it's flattering. It's rare to see a sharara outfit these days, but looking at this one, it's easy to see why it used to be popular.

I also liked this pretty white outfit, which is simple yet very refreshing, something which I can imagine to be easily found in the high street, and also very easy to wear. Again, the colours are quite typical of it's time, and the style is quite fashionable yet modest and stylish.

Througout the film, Prachi's character dresses quite simply, traditionally and in a feminine way that has a beautiful use of colour, but also doesn't overdo her outfits. The colours and cut of her clothes are quite close to what may have been worn in the seventies, while some might not find it entirely authentic, I thought it was quite well done and prettily-carried by this actress. Again, her natural make-up look and her beautiful hair also helped to create a style for her which would still look great by today's standards.

All images belong to producers/directors of 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai'

I think the outfits and styles of this film are quite well designed, while not every single outfit or style is something which may have been found in 70s Mumbai, I think the film creates a glamour which is very likeableKangana's eyeliner flick, and I loved Prachi's traditional outfits!

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