LOVELY HIJAB: Using Jhoomars as Hijab Pins

I'm always on the looks out for new hijab pins which look pretty and different, although it's not easy to find some that looks like every other hijab pin on the high street! I've often resorted to using pretty earrings, hair-slides or tikkas as hijab accessories to jazz it up a bit, which is very useful when I have a wedding to go to!

Here's what I found to match my outfit for my sister's wedding which is coming up in just a couple of months, perfectly pretty and big enough to keep my head sparkling all day long! You can't tell what the size of it is from this picture, but it's a jhoomar which is pretty big, and hangs nicely when I pin it up on my scarf.

So there's a tip for you, if you can't find a hijab pin you're happy with, use some blingy earrings, hair clips or jewellery and re-style them to your liking!

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