Happy Eid!

It's been a super-busy weekend, starting with Eid celebrations which began on Friday, with plenty of dinners and a party just yesterday for my newborn niece (more on this later!).  As per usual with my family, we all got dressed up and stayed at home! Although we had plenty of family around this year, and lots of food, cake and sparkly bangles. The only thing I wish I had managed to do is put on some mehndi, which I didn't due as I was feeling a bit too lazy. Oh well, I'll practise later.

Here's some peeks of my sister's outfits and one of numerous cakes we had over the weekend (the picture at the end is of my newly-wed sister showing off her sparkly bangles and her very pretty outfit!)

My outfit was a bit more toned down (for me anyways!), I chose a navy and maroon maxi dress with some embroidered motifs at the bottom and a banarsi style bodice, which was paired with gold heels and some matching bangles. This outfit originally came from India (it's one of those unstitched pieces you can make to your own size) and didn't cost me a lot, so I was quite happy with it, although the net dupatta annoyed me all day by jumping off my arm every five minutes! Here's a look at the dress, although the colour was slightly a bit deeper than these pictures.

And this is me in my outfit, posing out in the garden in the FREEZING cold, although it was thankfully clear and not raining. And below are the rest of my sisters and my elder niece, wearing beautifully deep colours. My eldest sister is hiding a little behind her daughter(!), but she also had a pretty, buttercream yellow outfit on which was given to her by my mum.

Hope you all had a great weekend regardless of whether you celebrated Eid or not, and blessings to you all! x

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