BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: The Ghulab Gang Icons

I don't often look forward to Bollywood movies, mostly because a lot of them turn out to be chick flicks and full of eye-candy, although admittedly some of them do turn out to be surprisingly good watches.

Gulaab Gang is one film I am anticipating to be a good one - with two of my favourite icons, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, it looks like an interesting film and it doesn't seem to be the run-of-the-mill type Bollywood film.

I'm liking the simple costume and prominence of pink saris of this film - there's certainly a strong message in this film about women and feminism (although I'm not sure how much men will like this movie!) While some may argue that these issues are overblown to make a Bollywood blockbuster (and maybe it has), it's still interesting to see a film which is trying to send a message about women in Indian today.

I also like the two posters that have been released for each movie star, although I have to say, Madhuri's one is a lot more scarier!

I love the fact that these two actresses have paired up to make an interesting film like this, and it's something that looks (although dramatic) pretty intelligent. I especially like the chemistry between Madhuri and Juhi, who genuinely seem to have a good friendship with each other (like this!) While I'll wait til I actually watch the film to say whether it's a good one or not, I will say that this is certainly one I expect will attract a lot of attention (and probably critics!) - not least because of the two actresses in it.

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