DESIGNER MODE: The Sana Safinaz Purple Bridal

I've noticed that more and more shops in my locality and around the East London area have started to sell Pakistani bridal outfits, particularly designer ones. There's been at least three new shops which have opened very recently, that have started selling designer labels. Most of these carry Pakistani labels, although there are some with some Indian labels which means that there are more outfits which are longer tops, with flowy skirts and bright colours. I'm guessing that more and more consumers are becoming aware of different designers and options which are available, and it's nice to have more accessibility to them rather than through the internet or by visiting Pakistan and India.

This is a pretty Sana Safinaz bridal outfit I saw in a shop called Texheeb (possibly a branch of the ones in Lahore) which i loved. I'm not a huge fan of purple as a bridal outfits because I've seen too many colour combinations I didn't like - but this one is interesting, purple, fuchsia, a light pistachio green and eggshell. SS bridals in general are a popular (but expensive!) choice, and with beautiful colours and designs like this, I'm not surprised, although it's not something I would go for (I prefer traditional colours and embroidery!)

So here's some eye candy for the weekend, I'm loving the colours and am seriously considering these for a formal outfit somewhere or other - what do you think of this?

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